Work Product, during this decade, unlike any prior business transition phase, is evolving rapidly away from traditional time and management laden bid processes into performance based Dynamic Alliances.  Time has finally achieved its worthy position in the work product equation as the primary factor, an irreplaceable irrepressible commodity.

 Methods designed as  “Pro-active,” or “Just in time” scenarios have been associated mostly with maintenance idioms or inventory distribution have been viewed as exceptions rather than models therefore escaping any efforts of implementation. 

 That was yesterday.  Today, we must “Meet the Challenges and Exceed the Goals”.

 It’s not enough to just be ready.  Calculated anticipation precedes process systemization enhanced by constant review, coining a new term, “Negative Time”.  Processes are designed to proliferate random efficiencies achieved through dynamic modifications.  The accumulation of these efficiencies counters the normal time-line.  Thus accomplishing “Negative Time”.

 Any group endeavoring to make this transition must have as much spirit, innovation and passion for invention and implementation as it has experience. 

Desert Services International, Inc. thrives on these Challenges.

The most expensive words in business are:

“That’s the way its always been done”.